So you want to create a website with WordPress? Customize it? Learn more about a plugin? Look no further, you've come to the right place.

WP Marmite

WPMarmite's mission is to help beginners, freelancers and bloggers set up their websites, customize them and manage them on a daily basis like professionals.

To achieve this, the whole team is working hard to produce:

  • Tutorials on WordPress and its plugins without jargon
  • Theme collections to find the right design for you ;
  • Comprehensive comparisons and tests to help you make the right choices ;
  • Educational and fun videos to show you what to do step by step
  • Courses and workshops to help those who want to go further.

As you browse through the contents of WPMarmite, you will see that everything is done to make technical subjects understandable, even if you are not a supreme master in computer science.

Today, the blog helps more than 2 500 people a day to use WordPress and more than 12 000 “cooks” receive the newsletter's tips to improve their skills.

Here is what Cécile, a long-time subscriber, thinks about it:

Quite reluctant to newsletters, yours is one of the few I read every time! Well done, you like what you do and we can feel it!

Who is the head chef?

Alex BortolottiWP Marmite was founded in February 2011 by Alex Borto (it's me, on the right).

WP Marmite was founded in February 2011 by Alex Borto (it's me, on the right).

Originally, the blog's objective was to help as many people as possible find the ideal theme.

In 2014, I decided to go further by approaching WordPress from top to bottom, because I have to admit, I have a real passion for this tool!

But no worries: my wife knows… and she’s OK with that.

More seriously, I am convinced that WordPress is an essential tool to create websites (it represents more than 30% of the sites in the world and it continues to grow!).

This is why I would like to share this passion with you in a good mood and make the creation of a website accessible to as many people as possible.

Over time, writers have come to help me (Nicolas, Florian and others) to share their experience and continue to help readers progress.

Right now, WPMarmite has become an essential resource, but there is still a lot to be done.

To tell you the truth, helping readers and subscribers to progress quickly became a real obsession for me (and it’s impossible to cure myself!).

The list of content ideas to publish is quite, quite long. That’s why I had to face the facts:

To carry out this mission successfully, it was necessary to build a team. The project has become too big to be managed on its own.

So little by little, I found companions to keep WPMarmite boiling. Let me introduce them to you:

  • Julien Guiard helps me reply the comments and emails we receive, researches for future articles, and plans WordPress courses and workshops;
  • Eleonor and Thibaut write in-depth articles to help you create better websites;
  • Brad takes care of the design and give me a hand on social networks;
  • Maxence edits the videos on the YouTube channel and on the courses website;
  • Claire helps me with support and accounting (because yes, WPMarmite has become a real company).

Without them, I assure you that WPMarmite would not be the same.

I am really lucky to have them at my side because they help me to serve you on a daily basis.

(As soon as we all meet, I'll share a group picture with you, I promise!).

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