DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System.

The DNS server is a service which main function is to establish the correspondence between a domain name and its IP address.

A domain name corresponds to the address of a website, for example WPMarmite.com. To display the right site, this address must be linked to the IP address of the server provided by the host. This is precisely the role of DNS servers.

To put it simply, when an Internet user wants to visit a site, the DNS server sends the IP address associated with the requested domain name so that the content of the site requested can be displayed on the screen.

Each Internet service provider has its own DNS servers, with its own IP addresses that are a succession of numbers, for example.

This service has been set up to identify the different websites in a simple way. It is a system of “translation” of IP addresses, addresses uniquely assigned to each machine connected to the Internet.

It is thanks to DNS that we do not visit sites by directly typing their IP address. That would be much more tedious, wouldn’t it?