FTP is an acronym meaning File Transfer Protocol.

FTP is a protocol used to transfer files over the Internet from one computer to another. For example, when you install software such as WordPress, you will need an FTP program, also called an FTP client, to send all the files of WordPress from your computer to your server.

The FTP client is software that runs on your personal computer and allows you to transfer files to or retrieve files from your server.

Most hosting providers provide FTP access to their users so that they can upload and download files.

FTP is a private space. It is therefore necessary to identify yourself and designate the server on which you wish to work. For this, you will need:

  • The address of the server (also called host)
  • The ID
  • The password

These 3 informations are provided by the host as soon as you’ve chosen a hosting plan.

There are a good number of FTP software, either free or paid, some more ergonomic than others.

The best known is Filezilla, this is an open source software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Cyberduck (free) only works on Windows and Mac. Transmits is a paid FTP client available only on Mac.