SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a term used to describe the practices and methods used to optimize the ranking of a site in search engine results.

These methods are based on the rules and best practices provided by the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. The rules established are quite similar for each of them.

The goal of these best practices is to make your site more easily detectable by search engines and to allow a correct indexing of the pages.

However, it should be noted that applying good SEO practices is not enough to get the best results in search engines and to receive more traffic on your site.

WordPress is a CMS well rated by search engines in terms of SEO. However, users can still optimize their WordPress site by modifying certain parameters or by using SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO.

Some parameters influencing your SEO are:

  • the title of the page or post;
  • the structure of URLs;
  • the quality of the code of the pages of the site;
  • the length and importance of the content;
  • the number of links from popular sites;
  • and many other criteria.

To go further, this tutorial reviews the detailed setup of Yoast SEO : The essential plugin for any WordPress installation.