A shortcode is a specially formatted text tag that opens and closes with square brackets and can be placed directly in a post or a page of your blog.

This tag is automatically interpreted by WordPress and allows you to add features without having to program code. It is a kind of shortcut that WordPress will recognize to execute the complete code and the function assigned to it.

The main use of shortcodes is strongly related to the layout of content on the pages of a site. You can use these shortcuts to create columns, change the style of headings, insert videos, images or galleries, etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Shortcodes are usually very short and written in an intuitive language. For example, a shortcode for embedding a video would look like this: [ video ]

No space between [ and video and ]

There are plugins available to help you create your own shortcodes on your WordPress site. You can also create them by modifying the code in your theme files.