In web design terminology, the term slider is used to designate a slideshow that is integrated into a web page. It can also be called carousel.

There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to create sliders that you can add to your homepage, or in a post, or anywhere else on your site.

Sliders can be used on all kinds of websites, however they are most often used on corporate websites or to present professional portfolios

A slider can run automatically by displaying the slides at a predefined time interval. Sliders can also react to user interaction such as clicking or swiping to display the previous or next slide.

Before using a slider on a WordPress site, there are a number of things the user should consider.

First, sliders typically load images and slide content, which can slow down your site.

Another issue that can arise when using a slider in WordPress is adaptability to mobile devices. If your WordPress site uses a responsive theme, then the use of a non-responsive slider will break the display of the site on different devices with variable screen sizes.

A responsive slider plugin is able to adjust the size of the slideshow as well as the different contents (images, texts, videos) to fit any screen size.

There was a time when sliders were very popular. However, their effectiveness is now often questioned. Indeed, studies show that they are often not viewed in their entirety.

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