A custom post type is a personalized content type.

There are 2 default content types in WordPress: posts and pages. Pages are static content, which are not presented chronologically or linked to categories. Posts are content that is displayed in a list and can be categorized.

A custom post type allows you to create a new type of custom content for your site. A content type that is not suitable for pages or articles.

For example:

  • A portfolio to present your professional achievements
  • A glossary
  • A catalog of products
  • Testimonials
  • Etc.

There are two ways to create a custom post type. Either manually by entering a code in the file functions.php or by using a plugin such as Custom Post Type UI.

Once created, you will see a new entry in your dashboard menu, based on the name you gave to the custom post type when you created it (e.g. portfolio, glossary, catalog).

You can also create a particular taxonomy in the functions.php and link it to this custom post type.

This way, you can perfectly split the content of your posts and the new custom content type on your site.