The header is the top area of a website. It is an important area because it gives at a glance all the information that forms the identity of your site.

Since this zone appears on every page, it is essential not to neglect it so that your visitors understand that they are in the right place.

The header does not include any mandatory element, but since this zone will be used to direct your visitors, it is necessary to include at least the following elements: a menu, a logo, a breadcrumb trail, a logo, and the elements representing your visual identity.

However, be careful not to overload it with unnecessary elements. The important thing is that it is relevant to the people who will visit your site.

The customization of your site’s header depends on the theme you have chosen and is done in the menu Appearance > Header

You will be able to add a logo and a motto (the description that usually appears next to your logo), change the colors according to your style guide, add a background image, or modify other settings if your theme allows it.

Some themes offer a different header customization on the home page. Check out our dedicated post about what’s a good header.