Hey, nice to see you here! Welcome to WPMarmite!

Where did you hear about this blog?

In Google’s search results, between two other WordPress big players? Or perhaps someone sent you a link, telling you about a new WordPress resource that has just been published?

Who is this WPMarmite guy anyway? You might wonder…

Very interesting question! I’m going to answer this because you will see us more and more often in English SERPs from now on.

I’ll tell you why. But first, let me explain how this all started.

WPMarmite’s purpose

The WPMarmite blog has evolved a lot since its launch in 2011.

Originally, I created it when I was a student to identify the best WordPress themes.

It was quite hard to find good themes then, and I wanted to share the results of my research to French website creators.

WPMarmite launch in 2011
WPMarmite had a different name at the time

After writing dozens of selections, the traffic took off and I got addicted! And to tell you the truth…

This project became so exciting that I stopped my studies to devote myself fully to it.

Over time and thanks to feedback from readers, the editorial line has expanded to address WordPress more broadly.

This is how various tutorials and comparisons of plugins appeared.

My goal was simple: the blog had to help its visitors “get the most out of WordPress” (which has become its motto).

Over time, the blog has grown stronger. It found its hallmark, namely the publication of comprehensive and educational content with a hint of humor.

Several people helped me out on this mission, such as Nicolas Richer. This collaboration has even led to the creation of the WPChef training program (in French).

In 2017, I devoted myself to creating videos for WPMarmite’s Youtube channel (it has grown from 1,500 to 46,000 subscribers today).

And since 2018, my goal has been to build a team to continue to maintain and grow the blog.

Eventually, the project had become too big for me. I couldn’t keep up. I needed some help.

Today, the WPMarmite team is made up of 9 people (not counting the other contributors involved).

We have an editorial planning, regular writers, a support team… In short, we have a well-oiled machine.

So well-oiled that I want to go even further by translating everything for our English-speaking friends i.e. you!

So, let’s see how the idea of going global has risen in my mind.

3 reasons for WPMarmite to go global

As you can see, I’ve got a lot of ambition for WPMarmite.

After thinking hard about it for a long time, I decided to take the blog to the next level.

But why not just stay home? Everything is going well with our French readers after all.

I see 3 reasons for this. Let’s look at them together.

1. WPMarmite can help many more people

When you look at the blog, you realize that articles and videos are published regularly, the audience is growing, the number of subscribers is growing but…

Only the French-speaking WordPress community benefits from this. I think it’s a shame!

Did you know that only 4% of WordPress websites use French as primary language VS 44.8% using English (US)?

In the end, WPMarmite’s content only benefits a tiny part of the WordPress community.

By making some extra effort (i.e. translating our content), we can bring something new to all WordPress users.

Overall, I am curious to know how WPMarmite’s approach and style will be received outside of France.

Let me tell you about WPMarmite’s DNA and values

If you are used to browse a lot of WordPress blogs, I think our philosophy will surprise people abroad.

We do not post sponsored articles (even if we are given complete freedom over the content). We want to control our editorial planning.

We do not register to every affiliate program available to promote WordPress products all over the place.

We prefer working with a few trusted partners (o2switch for France, Bluehost for the English-speaking community, Elementor, Divi, WP Rocket…).

So you will therefore not find a “Hosting” page with 30+ affiliate links to different hosting providers… 🤦‍♂️

We certainly leave money on the table but that’s OK. We find it more important to build trust with our readers. ❤️

This is how WPMarmite works.

2. A great growth potential

In more than 8 years, WPMarmite has established itself as one of the reference blogs on WordPress in France (and in the French-speaking world).

With more than 250 articles online and almost as many videos on YouTube, there’s plenty to watch, read and learn.

When I go to a WordPress event, I meet so many people who tell me how often they come across WPMarmite when they look for information.

Well, in France for the moment!

We still have a lot of ideas for future content but let’s be honest: that’s not what will take the blog to the next level.

And as you can imagine, producing content is not free.

Partnerships with major ecosystem players and premium content make the project viable, but I just wish the return on investment was higher.

The internationalization of WPMarmite would further reward the efforts made over the years.

More resources would also allow us to create more content and develop other WordPress projects – because, yes, I have lots of ideas in mind.

3. The challenge: starting from scratch

The last reason I want to launch an English version of WPMarmite is to start all over again.

Among the French-speaking community, the WPMarmite brand is well established. But in the English-speaking world, it’s nowhere to be found (yet).

WPMarmite? What’s that?

If you ask an American to tell you about a popular WordPress blog, they’ll tell you about WPBeginner, WPTavern or Torque.

And that’s quite normal, as we’ve only published articles in French so far.

Resourceful French-speakers will often consume content in English – but English-speakers don’t go for French content!

Why would they bother to do so? They already have so many English resources at their disposal.

Well, let’s get to work, and offer you our content directly in English!

Making WPMarmite known will not be easy, as the competition is tough – but that’s what makes it exciting! 🤠

We’ll have to make extra efforts to rank on Google, and attract English-speaking visitors.

But here’s the good thing : in reality, we’re not really starting from scratch. WPMarmite will capitalize on the reputation and rankings acquired since its launch.

Check out this comparison made with Moz.com’s Domain Analysis tool:

WebsiteDomain AuthorityLinking Root DomainsRanking KeywordsSpam Score
WPMarmite 47 1.4k 1.2k 1%

WPMarmite is clearly the smallest of the tribe – but we do have some assets. I’m curious to see where we’ll be in a year or two.

So let the world conquest begin!

Clearly, we’re only at the beginning of the adventure. Everything has yet to be built but the WPMarmite team is ready.

Now that we have our Content Manager for the English market, we can translate our articles faster.

Eventuelly, we will publish both versions (French and English) in the same week. That way, nobody will be jealous!

However, there are no plans to publish articles directly in English and then translate them into French. In fact, we have tested but it is not as fluid in terms of process for the team.

Not everything is perfect, but we’re making progress. WPMarmite is getting better every day.

Who knows where it’ll lead us?

Still here? Tell me in the comments what you think of this new resource for the WordPress community! 😉