“Wow”. “Beautiful. “This is exactly the gem I was looking for.” These are just some of the thoughts you can have when you come across a website that’s got an impressive design.

After this first observation, it’s time for questions. For example, I’m sure you’re wondering what the name of this theme is (because you want the same one)? Or where to get it (because you absolutely want to buy it)?

It must be said that so far, your quest for the innovative WordPress theme has been in vain. Let’s just say it: you’re having a hard time finding a gem.

man wearing glasses having his mouth open like wondering what's going on

That’s normal: the WordPress ecosystem doesn’t make it easy for you. There are thousands of themes for sale.

Luckily, WPMarmite is here to help you out of that quagmire. I’ve concocted a selection of 20 themes that will help you stand out in 2021.

By the way, don’t forget: innovative design is great for impressing your visitors. But above all, your website must be responsive ( suitable for computer, mobile and tablets), efficient (fast page loading), and enhance the user experience.

The links to the themes in this selection are affiliate links. This means that WPMarmite will get a small commission if you decide to buy one of them through these links. There is no difference on the price though so, don’t worry! Affiliate links help us rewarding the research and writing work of our blog’s authors.

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20 WordPress themes for your creative projects

A short parenthesis before discovering the result of my research. I wanted to clarify three things. First of all, I did not test individually the themes presented in this resource.

However, these are not there by chance. I have selected them, rather than others, because of their design, the features they offer, or the reputation of their authors.

For me, these are the best innovative WordPress themes in 2021.

Also note that I will only present you paid WordPress themes, and no free themes.

Next, you’ll find that some of these themes are available on Themeforest, the largest platform for selling WordPress themes.


Trail will present your projects with a beautiful parallax effect (a scroll depth effect).

I was immediately hooked with the layout of the home page. If you are a photographer and want to expose your pictures, I think they will be well highlighted, provided they are of good quality.

trail innovative wordpress theme preview

Of course, this theme will essentially be used to create a portfolio.

In this regard, the Portfolio page will be displayed in 2 or 3 columns depending on the size of the screen on which it is displayed. The hover effects, and the fact that the portfolio is filterable, make the browsing pleasant and dynamic.

Finally, note that the parallax effect is also present on the Contact page, with a Google Maps.

Price of this theme: $49


Nouveau is an innovative WordPress theme that offers many customization possibilities. However, be careful not to get lost in it.

You can achieve impressive results, but it will take some time.

nouveau innovative wordpress theme preview

I liked the fact that you can create two different environments for your visitors: Nouveau offers black and white layouts, and others in color.

The slider with a video in the background also brings movement. However, beware of sliders. If you’re a fan, make sure you respect some rules to avoid any negative impact on the performance of your site.

Nouveau is compatible with WooCommerce and has a page builder. If you don’t know how to code or don’t want to get your hands dirty, it will help you to set up your pages.

Price of this theme : $69 with 6 months of support.

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As its name suggests, Ink is primarily intended for bloggers and people working in the editorial field.

Nevertheless, if you wish, you can easily divert it into a portfolio/innovative WordPress theme. Whichever option you choose, your visitors will definitely have a great time on your site.

ink innovative wordpress theme preview

With Ink, all the titles of your posts are displayed on the home page, and are highlighted with beautiful illustration pictures. Your visitors will be encouraged to read them by clicking on call to action buttons.

With this theme, I liked the display of an estimated reading time automatically added under the title of each post, the presence of a 404 error page and, most of all, the compatibility with Gutenberg, the new content editor that comes with WordPress 5.0.

Price of this theme: $44 with 6 months of support.


Sirius is a theme that I like very much. I’ve already had the opportunity to present it to you during a selection on WordPress themes for photographers.

With Sirius, everything is done to give primacy to the image at the expense of the text. You can barely identify the menu, which is accessible via a hamburger icon on the left, to make it appear in a column.

sirius innovative wordpress theme preview

This theme will allow you to do a little more than what is expected. For example, you can add a shop to it, or simply blog (several layouts are available).

I particularly liked the white border that is found on all the pages. It is very simple but it still brings a lot of character and a touch of innovation to this theme.

Price of this theme: $39 with 6 months of support.


Buzzblog is an innovative WordPress theme that will allow you, as its name suggests, to set up a blog. The CPF (custom post formats) will allow you to publish multimedia content without any problem.

buzzblog innovative wordpress theme preview

Simple and minimalist, Buzzblog allows you to create many different types of blogs, thanks to about fifteen demos (fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, etc.) for the home page.

I also very much appreciated the multiple possible layouts for your blog posts (title above or below the photo, parallax effect, presence or not of a sidebar etc.).

Price of this theme: $49 with 6 months of support.

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Gridlove stands out first and foremost because of its style: it allows you to present your items in a grid pattern. Several layouts and display sizes are possible for your content.

I liked:

  • The ability to assign colors to your categories: this gives a warm side to the blog.
  • The ability to assign a post to multiple authors.
  • Infinite loading with the “Load more” button.
  • The posts only page: it is very modern with a full width front page image, and a slight overlay of content.
  • The option to create a side sub-menu that is displayed with a hamburger icon.
gridlove innovative wordpress theme preview

In the end, I think this innovative WordPress theme will appeal to bloggers, news sites, or people who want to create an online magazine.

Price of this theme: $69 with 6 months support.


Verve is a theme that is really out of the ordinary. I loved the layout of the home page.

First of all, there is a slider with a vertical arrangement of the pictures, on 4 columns. You can discover the pictures by moving the mouse over each column (you can also integrate videos if you want a little more animation).

verve innovative wordpress theme preview

The left column containing the menu is also interesting. A click on the hamburger icon reveals the site navigation. Access to contact information (address, phone number, email) is via a dedicated icon.

You can also display the entire site in full page, if you wish. This can be useful for viewing good quality photos, for example.

As you can see, this WordPress template is mainly intended for photographers and videographers.

Price of this theme: $69 with 6 months of support.


Lense is an innovative WordPress theme ideal for photography. It enhances your photos well. You have several presentation options.

lense photography innovative wordpress theme

Apart from this specificity, I liked the fact that Lense also has a blog and more classic pages. A very nice theme for photographers.

Price for this theme: $34.30 with 1 year of support and 1 year of updates.


Among the 20 ready-made demos that Jevelin offers, you’ll see that the vast majority have a dynamic and original header. For example, the text appears as you go, and the slider images change by themselves.

jevelin innovative wordpress theme preview

You will also notice many effects when you move your mouse over it.

Apart from that, I liked the many layouts proposed for the blog, the shop and the portfolio.

This innovative WordPress theme integrates WooCommerce, which will allow you to create your online store, if you wish.

Jevelin will be ideal for an agency or a freelancer.

Price of this theme: 59$ with 6 months of support.


In the spirit, Worldview is a bit like Trail, with its menu on the left column and the articles on the right.

Of course, this is an innovative WordPress theme for bloggers, writers and other authors. It will allow you to showcase your most beautiful texts thanks to a beautiful typography, and breathtaking images.

worldview innovative wordpress theme preview

Although some will find it a bit heavy, I liked the sidebar that appears in a column on the home page.

It allows you to display information (photo, social networks, baseline) to show who you are to your visitors. Then, if you click on the hamburger icon in the menu, you have access to the navigation, the latest posts, a search bar, and the blog’s categories.

I’m not a fan of the yellow color, but you can easily change it in the settings.

Price of this theme : $125 with 1 year support.


Here’s an innovative WordPress theme! Among the 25 home page demos proposed, I advise you to have a look at the one called Vcard Home.

Beware, you may be surprised. Let me explain. You’ll notice that the page is divided into 2 columns, with an image and a text content.

Also, the double reverse vertical navigation brings a lot of originality and dynamism.

kameleon innovative wordpress theme preview

However, this demo will not be suitable for any type of use. But I think it will be perfectly adapted to highlight a product/service, or even to briefly present your activity if you are a freelancer.

To conclude, note that Kameleon lives up to its name: with 25 demos available, you can easily customize and adapt it to your needs. But beware of this kind of catch-all theme. Sometimes an impressive number of options can hinder performance.

Price of this theme: $49 without any available support.

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Vignette is a WordPress photo theme that will help you impress your visitors and turn them into new customers. Present your services, insert testimonials, and share photo galleries.

With Vignette, I like the fact that I can include a video from the home page.

vignette innovative wordpress theme preview

Price of this theme: $34.30 with 1 year support.


Looking for a template design for your WordPress site? Take a look at Halena.

This sleek and minimalist theme is built on a grid template. What strikes you, as you browse through it, is the predominance of pastel colors and visuals.

halena innovative wordpress theme preview

The product pages are elegant (the colourful background highlights the diverted products).

I liked the option to create a lookbook, with the possibility to put markers on a model to show the clothes he/she wears.

Also note that all the WooCommerce pages are integrated and superb.

I think Halena is suitable for presenting designer, luxury products, or for clothing stores and fashion bloggers.

Price of this theme: $49 with 6 months of support.


Art is an innovative WordPress theme especially designed for “creative” jobs, related to image (graphic designers, photographers, webdesigners etc.).

It allows you to present your creations in the form of a portfolio. You will find that it is ultra-minimalist. As an example:

  • There is no menu: an icon is present in the header, but it only allows you to display your latest creations.
  • There is no footer.
art innovative wordpress theme preview

I liked the fact that different photos are displayed when you move the mouse over the elements of your portfolio, as well as the numerous layout possibilities (grid display, masonry etc.) for your portfolio or blog.

In the end, this very targeted and WooCommerce compatible theme will enhance the visual content of your website.

Price of this theme: $59 with 6 months of support.

Mikos 2

Mikos 2 is characterized by its very clean design. This theme plays with square shapes and bright colours to attract attention.

It will suit webdesign agencies, freelancers specializing in visual creation, online decoration shops, etc.

mikos 2 innovative wordpress theme preview

You will notice that it contains a lot of animations such as parallax effects, or when the mouse passes over the elements.

I liked the hamburger icon, which allows the menu to open on a column, on the right side of the screen, and the presentation of the filterable portfolio in a full screen grid.

Note that if you are not comfortable with coding, Mikos 2 comes with the Visual Composer page builder. It is also compatible with WooCommerce.

Price of this theme: $90 with 6 months of support.


Pofo is a singular premium WordPress theme that is a real eye-catcher. Sober and clear (white predominates), it consists of a single carousel on the home page, with a discreet hamburger menu that appears on half of your page at the click of a button.

pofo innovative wordpress theme preview

I loved the scrollbar under the carousel: a little red dot on a horizontal line allows you to show your progress in the visualization of the images.

The visual effects on mouse-over are also original: for example, the text in the slides follows the movement of your mouse (it moves to the left if you go left, to the right if you go right). This brings dynamism.

Among the positive points, I will also add the presence of many page templates and the choice among 25 home page demos to meet a lot of needs.

Price of this theme: $59 with 6 months of support.


I selected the Photography theme because, apart from its innovative design, I find it gives an impression of clarity and organization. As its name suggests, it will be perfect to present your pictures.

photography innovative wordpress theme preview

I liked the layout of the portfolio as a grid with dynamic effects when hovering the mouse (appearance of an explanatory text and zooming in on the pictures).

What’s also nice is the call to action button on the left column to be able to book your services.

Price of this theme: $75 with 6 months support.


Once again, we stay in minimalism with the Arnold theme. Priority is given to the image since there is very little text.

arnold innovative wordpress theme preview

Within this theme, I liked:

  • Its vertical menu (there are 7 different types of headers).
  • The superposition of texts and images from the portfolio, with the two-color font.
  • Perspective effects when the mouse passes over the visuals: they swivel to the right or left depending on your movements.
  • The back to top button: a small horizontal bar that turns into a vertical arrow when the mouse hovers over it.
  • The layout of the shop on 3 columns.
  • The presence of a real-time portfolio builder to allow you to create layouts according to your desires.

Arnold will be ideal if you run a shop selling luxury goods, artwork, jewelry, or to create a portfolio for a photographer.

Price of this theme: $59 with 6 months of support.


If you’re looking for a theme with a homepage composed only of images in the form of masonry (a system for organizing content that could be compared to the game Tetris), Notio should appeal to you.

notio innovative wordpress theme preview

Its colorful design makes it modern and pleasing to the eye. I liked the fact that I could display or not the portfolio filters (categories), as well as the appearance of the description of the elements when hovering the mouse.

The Shop page (WooCommerce is integrated with the theme) is well done (you can for example filter your products by price), which makes Notio ideal for an online store looking for originality.

Price of this theme: $59 with 6 months of support.


Luisa is a minimalist theme that allows you to create innovative portfolios. It is mainly aimed at people working in the field of art and visual design (photographers, illustrators, graphic designers etc.).

Its layout remains very original, which is what I liked. The menu is located on the left, and it is displayed horizontally on the full page when you click on the hamburger icon.

You will also notice the presence of filters on the right side of the home page. The principle is the same: when you click, you have full-page access to all the categories in your portfolio.

The highlight of this theme is its browsing system. Although a bit confusing, we can’t take away its originality. As soon as you discover an item in the portfolio, you can navigate to the previous and/or next items using the directional arrows on the hamburger icon in the menu.

luisa innovative wordpress theme preview

The title of your creations is displayed on mouse-over. The Blog part is more classical but I like the organization of the posts in the form of a grid.

Price of this theme: $49 with 6 months support.


You’ve come to the end of this article presenting 20 innovative WordPress themes for your website.

As you have seen, the majority of the current themes are rather minimalist. Many of them are flexible, allowing you to create many layouts, including dozens of demos of different homepages.

Now, I would like to hear your opinion. What did you think of this selection? Is there a theme or themes that we didn’t mention and that you would recommend?

Your comments are welcome, just below. And if you think this article may be useful to others, please share it on social networks.